We are busy building. If you have not received a deposit confirmation email, you’re not on the list. Call me, GW 360-620-8485 or 888-328-3002 ext 1 for GW.


Contact us:




  • 888-328-3002 ext. 3


Business Hours:

  • By appointment only.

  • Our hours are flexible, usually 12 noon to whatever.

  • If you work nights or just have an unusual schedule we can probably accommodate you. It’s not unusual to have customers over at 3:00am.


Important Updates:

   We are swamped and have been from two months after we opened the doors years ago. Our biggest customer complaint is that we are too backed up and can’t get projects out as fast as they’d like. In an effort to remedy this problem we are  taking the following measures.

  To assure shorter turn around times on firearms projects and repairs, we will change how and when we accept gun repairs and projects.

Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing  will only accept new projects and repairs during the first week of each month!

  Each month we will accept a limited number of projects and repairs on a first come first serve basis. There will be no more overbooking me, whine all you want but I’ll not be taking on more than I can physically do any longer. No more eighteen and twenty hour days seven days a week.

  If you need gun work performed correctly, please give us a call at 888-328-3002 ext. 3 during the first week of the month to schedule an appointment.

  The time it takes to finish the projects Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC has in house will determine how many projects we can accept in any given month. Sometimes we’ll be able to take in 10 or more projects and in other months it may only be a few.

  To assure everyone equal access to our services, we will not maintain waiting lists.

  We appreciate your understanding and hope to hear from you next month . . .



As of May 1st, 2019, Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC, no longer offers firearms “transfer” services!

  While we love to provide our customers with this excellent customer service, we also need to keep in mind that we should not lose focus of what our strength and business objective is: gunsmithing and custom building firearms! That is what we are good at and love to do. Due to the increasing requests for our free transfer service we had to evaluate how we are investing our resources and came to the decision that from this point on we will no longer offer firearms “transfer” services.

  We appreciate your understanding and are looking forward to helping you with your gunsmithing, customization, custom building, and other fun gun projects.

  Now that you’ve read what we won’t do, check out some other pages to see what it is we are famous for.

  Thanks and see you in the shop . . .