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Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC, is located at:

160 SE Lagoon Ln, Shelton, Washington



erika@curlywolfguns.com (for appointments & info)


Business hours: By appointment only

Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC (CWG) is a diverse and flexible firearms manufacturing company.

We specialize in one of a kind custom firearms and small runs of semi-custom firearms.

Gunsmithing and machine shop services.



Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC (CWG),  is proud to hold a 07 Manufacturers FFL and maintain a SOT 2 tax stamp.

This combination of license and tax stamp allows us to manufacture, modify major or minor components and convert, buy, sell and transfer rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, and all NFA weapons.

The list of NFA weapons include short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, full auto / select fire weapons, suppressors, destructive devices, and a class of weapon called AOW or “Any Other Weapon”.

Curly Wolf Guns can provide the forms and assist you in the paperwork for obtaining the proper tax stamp for the possession of NFA weapons. It’s really not that difficult or expensive.


Funny looking ammo?

CWG is also permitted to manufacture ammunition.

Do you have an idea for a gun chambered in that exotic “wildcat” cartridge you read about?

Do you have your own idea for a “wildcat” round?

Can’t find a gun in that “wildcat” chambering?

Just not sure you have the reloading skills to develop this “wildcat” without damaging your gun and or your face?

Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC, can build the gun in your dream chambering for less than you may think.

CWG can also develop that “wildcat” ammo for your dream gun at no risk to you or your new gun.

We will develop the load for your gun and provide you with the specifications and instructions required to reload your own or we can manufacture any amount of “wildcat” ammo you require.


Custom Fitting

At Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC, we like to build custom guns. But, as diversity is the key to a successful business , we also add accessories, customize, and fit your factory gun to your needs. Your gun should fall on point with sights aligned whenever you raise your gun to shooting position. Your rifle should come up with your cheek in the correct position for the sights or scope to be aligned, and at the proper distance to get a full view in the scope. Your pistol should come up with the sights aligned without having to change your grip or wiggle your wrist to find the front sight. If you consistently have to make adjustments to your grip or shooting position to align your scope or sights, there is something wrong and we can help.


General Gunsmithing

Is your 1911 getting sloppy? Need your Glock rocked? Your Mini 14 needs accessories? Does your AR need accurizing? Is your Garand grouping wildly? Shakey scope? Do you need those impossible to find parts for your Full Auto / Select Fire or collectors firearms? Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC, can fix all that and more.


Traditional Bolt Action Rifles

Bolt action rifles are another favorite project for us here at Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithin, LLC.

Are you looking for a new custom hunting rifle from scratch, or a concept build?

CWG will build from your receiver, another new or used receiver, or build a receiver for you from scratch. Let us know what you want incorporated into the build, and we will craft a rifle that you’ll be proud to own. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with one of our custom builds, you are under no obligation to purchase it and all of your deposit money will be refunded no questions asked, no problems, no hard feelings. Yes, we build 50 calibers and other “sniper” / long range rifles.

Any receiver we build from scratch has the possibility of incorporating something special, a name, initials, an anniversary date, etc. into the serial number.


Emergency repairs

Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC, understands the frustration generated by down time during hunting season. Let’s face it. You’ve looked forward to this hunt all year long. You’ve invested time and money preparing for this hunt. Now yer favorite boom stick won’t boom. Before cracking it open with the pliers and butter knife kept at the hunting camp for just such occasions, call us, toll free, 1-888-328-3002 and let us “talk you down.”

We keep our schedule flexible during hunting season for just this reason.

CWG stocks commonly needed parts for quick repairs during hunting season to get you back out in the field fast. We will do everything possible, including our loaner rifle program, to help save your hunting trip.


Noise Suppressors

Perhaps dabbling in the quiet world of suppressors interests you. Yes we can “can”. Not the dance. We can “can” your rifle or pistol with a custom noise suppressor matched to your gun and ammo. Nothing like shooting with a “can” on a calm day. Pssst Thwack. Just clean, quiet fun. And, “can” is so much easier to spell than noise suppressor or the commonly used but inaccurate nomenclature, “silencer”. Again, we can help with the paperwork and planning involved in obtaining your tax stamp for legal possession of any NFA weapon.


Bag O’ Gun?

Yep, we see them on a regular basis. You are not alone. It seems like almost everyone has had at least one at some time or other. Don’t be embarrassed, leave your pride at the door or wear a big floppy hat and sunglasses if you need to, but bring it in. We won’t laugh, I promise. Well, maybe at the hat. What we will do is find, repair or manufacture any missing or damaged parts. Reassemble, function and safety test, and adjust as needed. We can also make a very detailed close-up instructional DVD of the disassembly and reassembly process with tips and tricks, proper orientation and order of installation of each part for your gun. Next time you get the urge to take it apart, pop in the DVD and follow along. You’ll have it figured out in no time.


Antique repairs and restorations

I told you we were diverse and flexible. Yes, we offer repair and restoration services as well as build replicas. We can inspect your old boomer and determine if it could or should be fired. We can build firing replicas of pistols, rifles, and cannons. Yes, I said cannons. We restore and reproduce cannons up to 8′ 9″ long and 24″ in diameter.

Important Updates:

As of June 1st, 2019, Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC, will only accept new projects and repairs on the first and second of each month!

To assure shorter turn around times on firearms projects and repairs, we will change how and when we accept gun repairs and projects.

Starting June 1st, 2019, each month we will accept a limited number of projects and repairs on a first come first serve basis.

If you need gun work done, please give us a call at 888-328-3002 ext. 3 on the first or second of the month to schedule an appointment. The time it takes to finish the projects

Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC has in house will determine how many projects we can accept in any given month. Sometimes we’ll be able to take in 5 or more projects and in other months it may only be 1 or 2 projects.

To assure everyone equal access to our services, we will not maintain waiting lists.

We appreciate your understanding and hope to hear from you next month . . .


As of May 1st, 2019, Curly Wolf Guns & Gunsmithing, LLC, no longer offers firearms “transfer” services!

While we love to provide our customers with this excellent customer service, we also need to keep in mind that we should not lose focus of what our strength and business objective is: gunsmithing and custom building firearms! That is what we are good at and love to do. Due to the increasing requests for our free transfer service we had to evaluate how we are investing our resources and came to the decision that from this point on we will no longer offer firearms “transfer” services.

 We appreciate your understanding and are looking forward to helping you with your gunsmithing, customization, custom building, and other fun gun projects.

Thanks and see you in the shop . . .